Traiguera :: Casadelscapellans

Restaurante Casa dels Capellans, monasterio.

Restaurante enclavado en un entorno muy especial. Zona de alto valor nacional.

Located 16 km from the coast and in the heart of the Baix Maestrat, the population of Traiguera offers great diversity to enjoy: traditions, culture and nature.

Traiguera is a typical town of the Mediterranean inside, surrounded by nature and numerous springs. Thanks to its historical past ancient monuments as well as the footprint of different cultures are some of its attractions.

The village of Traiguera, which was known at the time of the Iberians as "Thiar Julia", has reached our days with the name of Traiguera. In the first century BC there was a Roman settlement, as evidenced by remains found in its term. Populated by the Visigoths and later by Muslims, it was given to the Orden del Hospital in the year 1233, receiving settlement letter in the years 1236-1237.

foto de traiguera

foto de traiguera